The Stories

How It All Began…

It was about mid April and I was just getting home from work.  As always, I drive up by the mailbox as if it were a fast food drive through, roll down the window, grab the mail, shut the box and pull in the driveway looking at the bills and other junk received daily.  To my surprise, I had a package with my name on it!  I don’t shop online and wasn’t expecting anything so I was even more excited!  Anxiously I first pull out the note, waiting to see who it is from before I pull out the other “thing”.  A note from Julie, my godmother in Prescott, Arizona, nicely typed and cut with a cute butterfly sticker to close.  “I’m sure you’re wondering WHY you would get such a gift from your godmother!  Well I’ll tell you the story.”  I knew this had to be good, especially coming from Julie.  I read on.

Julie had attended a get-together, hosted by a woman who was raising money for the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life.  They had all sorts of ways to raise money at this event, in turn making it a lot of fun for the attendees, including door prizes.  Julie and her friend, Kris, both won a door prize.  Julie won a cute picture frame and Kris won a thong.  Julie immediately thought of me when Kris presented her door prize!  On the way home, Kris mentioned she didn’t know what she was going to do with the thong and Julie said the same about the picture frame, so they traded.  At this point I knew exactly what I was going to be pulling from the package.   My laughter soon turned into tears of joy and memories.  Julie went into her aches and sadness for the loss of my dad, Randy.  She mentioned how she missed him and how much she loved us.

It was almost the first anniversary since his passing and this little note and “gift” were so uplifting and encouraging.  I immediately typed her back letting her know how appreciative I was of this gift and the note and how much her “aches” are appreciated and shared.  I wanted to jazz it up a bit since I didn’t have anything as exciting to send to her.  In lieu of the actual thong, I cut cute black lace thongs out and put them on each side of her name.  Nothing is more comforting than knowing you have people that care with a sense of humor.

With six plus years of “The Cancer War” under our belt, we think we may have an idea of what it takes to assist and encourage working men during their war with cancer.  Thongs For Him was established to do just this.  Our non-profit is directed towards women; hence the thong, to gain simple assistance helping their men.   Men are providers and their strength and masculinity are more than important to them.  We will sell the thongs to raise funds to provide a number of things for men and families in need.  It is our goal to make this situation easier for them.